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BARS Session

Access Consciousness

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Relax. Reset. Renew.

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An Access Consciousness BARS session is often described, at a minimum, as feeling like the best massage you've ever had in your life or... It changes everything!


An Access Consciousness BARS session is known for allowing the body to delete what is no longer needed:  Unwanted emotions, thoughts or physical manifestations.


An Access Consciousness BARS session is known to allow the body and mind to restore vitality and balance.  Many people emerge from a session looking and feeling younger and healthier!
Would you like more information about BARS?
Watch this Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin 


At what felt like a crossroads, I asked aloud, for help. With intention, I embarked on a journey of healing. Entirely uncertain of what my end game was, or what words I would use to describe the kind of help I was seeking was as yet unknown. I just knew I needed new tools. My life’s experience had given me this loop of thoughts that plagued my very existence and stifled my most authentic self. I have spent years, analyzing experiences, compartmentalizing and filing away thoughts, ideas, and belief systems that had an intense grip on my consciousness. I started with my new primary care physician, who pointed me to a therapist who pointed me to Marina Raye, a likeminded breath of fresh air that heals without a prescription pad.
Marina gave me a safe space to explore the thoughts on my loop, examine the emotions that bubbled up as a result, and gave me new tools to help expedite the process of releasing those negative emotions and energies. Much more effective than analyzing, compartmentalizing and filing away, which in my case was just storing the energies for later lapses. Progress picked up quickly with Marina, as I shed the layers of the ego I was still harboring. I reveled in the newly found freedom of my perspective. When Marina suggested I try an alternative therapy to the verbal/emotional exchange we had been sharing I was immediately intrigued. The idea of processing negative energies and removing them from my existence without the analyzing part was so attractive it sounded like magic. I may have even said something to that effect. Admittedly, I had never heard of Access Consciousness, or Bars. I have an extraordinary amount faith and intuition that guide me. They guided me in asking for help in a time of great personal change, and it guided me to Marina Raye, and now to Bars. My thoughts on Bars: Still never having asked the google, I went into our first Bars session a blank slate with no expectations and completely open to the light and love I have come to appreciate from Marina. Quickly I settled into a calm space and allowed myself to be. It felt as if there was a blanket of energy laying over my body as she shifted my head in her hands. I felt free to communicate what I was experiencing and was able to track energies from my head down through my body like messages. I could relate where the sensations started and ended and felt as if I was waking parts of me to experience the spread of sensation. At one point, I realized that my right foot had gone into a paralytic state. I could lift my leg, move my foot side to side and down, but not up. I likened it to “flop foot” a loose diagnosis for pinched nerves in the back that prevent lifting the foot in normal walking motions. I shared this with Marina and she asked me a question about wanting the sensation to stop and uttered an incantation which I cannot recall with words but I can share with you the sensation. The likeness of which I can verbalize as a gust of wind blowing over me and an excitement that bubbled up from within and popped like effervescent water. The foot resumed normal function and the experience settled back into the comfort of knowing I was in Marinas care. The rest of that first session was an extension of what I had felt in the beginning. A low buzzing of energy and the sensation of its travel. I’ve had subsequent sessions, and each time I go I enter in the same way…open to whatever magic that comes. I can’t say for certain what kind of restructuring is happening during these sessions, but I can say for certain, that overall I have had increasingly positive experiences in love, life and career, and am able to make the leap of faith with less and less hesitation in all of those areas. There is also a heightened awareness and perception. Also, the deep underlying emotions that had such a firm grip on me for my whole life have loosened and released. Now, rather than allow newly presented negative emotions to settle in and consume my thoughts I am able to release them and relinquish the sense of duty I had in solving their nature. Most profound for me is the ability to invest in and explore the ways in which I can express my most authentic self and help others do the same. Praise for Marina Raye. My guiding light. 
Some things have clicked for me in light of these experiences. I’ve settled many of the scores that my consciousness was busy waging war over, and more importantly reintegrated the childlike enthusiasm and wonder that come from asking “How can it get better than this?” Because I know it will.


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