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Marina raye Energetic facelift 2.png


with Marina Raye can restore the vitality of your body


Renew the energy of your face!

Shift perspectives and release the tensions of life that age your face and skin!

Energetic Facelift helps create a beautiful fresh new you!

Every time you have a negative point of view it creates a wrinkle and locks it in your face. Energetic Facelift is the solution!


An Energetic Facelift session begins to undo the ravages of time. You start looking vibrant and younger, often noticeably from the first session. The concept may sound strange however, changing your face really does create changes in your points of view. The end result is you look different, you act different, you talk different and things begin to change. It changes the energetic blue print of how your body functions and unlocks negative points of view that are being imprinted on your face, which is the main cause of aging. An Energetic Facelift session can eliminate stress factors as well as factors related to judgment. You begin to shift points of view and judgment about your face and age. The sense of peace and ease that you begin to feel may be the best of all of the benefits.

Marina Raye, LICSW

Certified Energetic Facelift Practitioner

Certified Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

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