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From Stress to Success!

A 3-Hour Mind-Body-Spirit Intensive

For individuals ready to make a Powerful and Lasting Change Now!


I provide a personalized workshop setting  for Building the Inner Skills necessary to get on track and stay highly focused for achieving the life you desire!

Sessions Include:


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An assessment of your readiness to create the specific life change you desire. I use this information to assist you in being lined up with your desired outcomes and the steps needed to achieve them. Your personalized tool kit begins here.


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Based on your assessment, I guide you through releasing blockages that may be holding you back!  Personalized release work will become part of your ongoing success and integrated into your daily practice.  Your tool kit is filled out with Exercises and Processes personalized to Your specific needs and goals, including Guided Meditation, Breath-work, Yoga, and Nutrition, intended to create new ways to make it happen!


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The Stress to Success Personalized Workshop is designed specifically for those ready and committed to actively creating sustained change and success! You leave with not only clarity about what you wish to achieve, but the tools needed to continue moving in a powerful positive direction! Be ready to take action and make it happen!

This package is highly recommended for

anyone experiencing life transitions or a sense of being stuck such as:

Moving on from Divorce

Empty Nesters

Career Change

Health and Fitness Goals

and more...

Looking for a Less Intense Approach?​


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