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with Marina Raye

A Unique, Holistic Approach

Counseling, Coaching and Therapy are as effective as your readiness to create change in your life. Knowing the pace that suits your lifestyle will increase your comfort and opportunities for success.

Therapy moves at a gentler pace than Personal Workshop intensives with me, and is equally as valuable. The pace of Therapy is practical for addressing issues such as Anxiety, Depression, and Symptoms of PSTD.


Though I am a traditionally educated Therapist, my approach departs from Traditional Talk Therapy as it takes into consideration the overall wellness of each person. I call on many skills and tools to assist you in your healing journey including Breathwork, Nutritional Counseling, CognomovementTM, Tapping and Movement Therapies.  With this technique, change can happen quite rapidly.  Many find significant relief in a few sessions.

If you are interested in the Intensive

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